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A Co-creation and Communion with Earth


A Workshop, Easter Retreat and Celebration of Embodiment Earth Day Festival!

with Gabriella Kapfer, Heather Cowen and Margaretta McIlvaine of Resounding Earth

Wednesday 17 April - Tuesday 23 APRIL 2019


What does it take to create Heaven on Earth?

Our immediate response is ...You. Really. You.

The pulsing heart of You.

The gently waking, wildly gushing all of You. 

This bio-dynamically farmed land near Guarda, is lived with, worked with, played with and dreamt with. This land, Dominio Vale do Mondego, is the calling card to what may be a whole new knowing of You.


It has called us and we are calling… You. 



Imagine this...

A six day long communion with Earth and your body. ..through sound weaving, forging and crafting, through energetic processes, through expanding our gaze and stretching our bodies we will be exploring the wider lands and spaces. Through opening out and inviting a centre from which everything springs forth to nourish us we will travel to and be present with the often not met places of your own golden source pool. 

Through knowing this 'home space' it becomes more possible to find it anywhere. 

What we know is that this green blue red earth is truly golden...
We know this because we can perceive it. If you can perceive something you can have it!

If you'd like to flourish, to nourish, to be nourished and to flow with your body and your choices... have the aliveness and presence with living and dying and everything in between that really allows your awareness to expand and your life to become more like a living dance, a song or prayer of joy for the whole spectrum and more, then we totally and whole heartedly welcome you to play with us in this gorgeous place of restoration, inspiration and wondrous possibilities.



Would you like to..

  • Experience and learn to use sound and sound weaving as an incredibly powerful tool for transformation and creation?

  • Deepen, shift and open your perception and perspective?

  • Receive from, engage and create with the elements and elementals – creating and inviting totally new possibilities for your future and that of the Earth?

  • Know yourself as a co-creator with the elements – crafting and forging a copper sound instrument in communion with the metal, the Earth and the elements?

  • Allow a new paradigm of being on and with this planet to emerge?

  • Learn and deepen your sensing and tracking of the language of energy?

  • Bring fluidity to what has been stagnant?

  • Develop a new relationship with your own body and the Earth?

  • Step into being a powerful change agent and a delight full contribution to the planet?

  • Find that living with the Earth as a co-creator asks you to have more fun than you usually allow yourself?

Will you unveil You and be all you be with us? 



Your hosts for this Creating Heaven On Earth Retreat at Dominio Vale do Mondego are..

Gabriella Kapfer, Heather Cowen and Margaretta McIlvaine


The Resounding Earth collaboration grounds our work more deeply into a real alchemical process through the embodiment of craft, where sound, as vibration, becomes physical form.

We are delighted that our friend and long time play mate in co-creation and transformational work, Margaretta McIlvaine has joined us for the Creating Heaven on Earth Retreat in Portugal.



17 APRIL-23 APRIL 2019

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The Dates

This Creating Heaven On Earth Retreat is being held from:


The Costs

  • RETREAT £1395 / €1585 / $1800

  • DEPOSIT of £310 to secure your retreat place now.

The Small Print

  • A Non-Refundable Deposit will secure your place.

  • The price does not include materials used for the forging of your bowl or transport costs.

Please read terms and conditions of event payments, registration and attendance in full:



If it resonates with what you are asking for too then this workshop and retreat will undoubtedly be received as a gift!  We regard it as a gift - for us! - from the Earth and through to You.

We'd like to share these days and this invitation with You. Really You.





The lands that we go to are a huge part of the invitation.

The whole journey begins from the moment you choose to come and choosing your routes to travel is one of the many ways that magic shows up along the way.

In former times these passages were pilgrimages and grail journeys... 


The Venue

Our venue Dominio Vale do Mondego, is a beautifully restored bio-dynamic farm and quinta nestled into a valley within the wooded hills of Portugal’s largest National Wilderness Reserve.

With beautiful gardens and orchards, river pools, tastefully appointed studios for accommodation and group spaces, swimming pool with views of the mountains and so much more we are given a vast range of choices from which to enjoy the days here. 

The Address

Domínio Vale do Mondego,

Quinta da Portela, Faia, Guarda, Portugal

Tel. 00-351-961771572

The Accommodations

In the outbuildings of Quinta da Portela there are 6 studio-rooms each with its own entrance, private bathroom with shower, and all in their own style furnished with antiques, art, good beds, writing table, sitting area and view across the valley. Acommodations are twin shared and the food will be provided from the farm's own bio-dynamically grown resources as well as local suppliers. If you have any specific food needs or allergies the farm may ask for an additional contribution.

The Location

Dominio Vale do Mondego is located in the Beira Alta district in the interior of Portugal, about 45 km from the border with Spain, at the height of Salamanca.

Getting there….

Here are some of the ways that have been recommended from within Portugal:


To Porto

With TAP, Transavia, Vueling & Ryanair with the rental car it is a 2 hour drive on good toll highways by bus to Guarda takes 3 hours / train takes Guarda 3.5 hours

To Lisbon

With KLM, TAP, Transavia, Vueling & Easyjet with the rental car it is 3 hours away on good toll highways by bus to Guarda is 4 hours / by train to Guarda it is 4.5 hours


There are also ferries direct from the UK for those wishing to travel by sea.


From Lisbon and Porto

BUS visit:
TRAIN visit: 


Join Us in Portugal….